Top Facebook Posts of 2020

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Author: Staff

As we start the new year, we combed through our Facebook posts from 2020 to see which ones had you engaged and sharing. It should come as no surprise that COVID-19 had a strong presence in much of our content throughout the last 11 months. Thank you for helping us to communicate this important information to our communities.

Other social posts included a farewell to some of our beloved physicians this past year along with community support and donations for our healthcare workers.

Here are the top 10 Facebook posts of 2020.

1. Infectious Disease Team COVID-19 Q&A - 3/19/20

2. I stayed at work for you. You stay home for us. - 3/23/20

3. Jim Nedrud - First-hand Experience with Coronavirus Loss - 4/9/20

4. Dr. Cindy Smith Update on COVID-19 Surge in Our Communities - 11/1/20

5. Reminder for Snowbirds and Cabin Goers Returning to Communities - 4/5/20

6. Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives. - 3/26/20

7. COVID-19 Curbside Testing Now Available - 3/16/20

8. Kathy Dillon Update on COVID-19 Challenges and Changes - 11/16/20

9. Thank You to Our Frontline Heroes - 4/30/20

10. Dr. Jane Willett, Dr. Joe Willett & Dr. Gary Skrien Retirements - 6/16/20