Welcome to Carris Health

Carris Health is a new entity created to deliver health care to West Central and Southwest Minnesota. The entity is a partnership between CentraCare Health, Rice Memorial Hospital and ACMC Health.

Our Vision:

To provide the best care possible for people in West Central and Southwest Minnesota through better collaboration and connectivity between health care partners.

What does
Carris Health mean?

“Care” is at the core of everything our partnership represents. The name Carris is an adaptation of the word “care” and speaks directly to why this collaboration was created – to provide better care throughout the region. Ultimately, the name and meaning of Carris Health will be defined over time by how we work together to deliver health care in a new way that benefits communities throughout Minnesota.

Why does the region
need a new health system?

Health care is changing. Organizations that innovate and position themselves for this new environment will succeed. By bringing together ACMC Health, Rice Memorial Hospital and CentraCare Health, there is opportunity to take an innovative approach to creating a new health system with integrated services. This partnership ensures Southwest and West Central Minnesota have local access to high quality, affordable care.

Our Partners

Carris Health brings together organizations that share a commitment to their communities and a passion for caring. We believe that by breaking down unnecessary barriers, we can work more closely together and provide better care throughout West Central and Southwest Minnesota.