Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Garage Restricted to Emergency Vehicles Only

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Author: Staff

In the wake of COVID-19, the pull-through garage attached to Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room will now be restricted to authorized emergency vehicles only (area ambulance crews and law enforcement).

Plans to restrict emergency room garage access to the public have been in the works for some time, but updated guidelines due to COVID-19 have expedited the implementation date. Starting Tuesday, April 7 at 9 AM, members of the public and medical transport services will need to use the ER walk-in entrance. They will not have access to the ER garage.

“We are following the direction of other hospitals of our size in the state that have closed their garages to the public. We need to do this to keep our staff and patients safe,” said June Boie, Director of Emergency Services at Carris Health. “Law enforcement and emergency vehicle crews communicate with our ER staff ahead of time, allowing our team to properly prepare and put on personal protective equipment, if needed, when they go out to the garage. The public, including medical transport services, will need to use the ER walk-in entrance process like everyone else.”

If a driver needs assistance getting a passenger out of a vehicle, they should use the ER walk-in entrance and inform staff.

The emergency room garage restrictions will become a permanent process going forward.