Better Home, Better You

Published in Wellness

Author: Staff

When we think about improving our health we often forget to think about how our environment can impact our health and wellbeing. Paying attention to our living space can not only affect the health of our body but impact our minds and our ability to feel good in the moment.

Everyone’s living space is different, and there are some aspects you cannot control, but there are some small tweaks we can all consider when it comes to the health of our home environment. We are thankful to have some of our local experts share quick tips to help you enhance the health of your space!

Plants can be an affordable and impactful way to improve how you feel at home. They can psychologically link us to nature–which is huge during MN winters! There are several varieties that are known to improve air quality and provide comfort in regards to humidity. Another great benefit of houseplants is that caring for a living plant can also provide a sense of purpose. Having plants in our homes is an important component of creating an environment for healthy minds and bodies!”   
–Becky Kuglin, Blossom Town Floral, Garden & Gifts

Less clutter in the home means less mental clutter. A well-designed home will feature several larger pieces of home décor items rather than numerous smaller ones.  Not only is this visually appealing to the eye, but it reduces clutter, messes and clean time!”
–Emily Davis, A&W Furniture, Finds and Design

Color is directly linked to a person’s feelings. Even though we don’t walk into a room and say out loud or to ourselves, “this color makes me feel…,” it subconsciously affects our mood. The right colors in your life can be very moving. Consider painting a room a new color to create a new feeling in a space.   For example, Orange= appetite, deceit, and distrust if dark orange.  Yellow= Sunshine, happiness, uplifting, power, energy.”
–Jane Magers, Brighter Homes Store

“Flow your colors throughout your home, from wall color, to flooring, cabinets, tiles and window fashions. Bedroom Colors should include peaceful and restful colors, such as blue, green, violet.  Whereas living spaces can be more uplifting and lively with red, orange, yellow. “
Deb  Halvorson, Debzining Windows and Decor

Time spent relaxing shouldn’t leave you with a backache. More options than ever are available for furniture. Firmer seat cushions, adjustable headrest and lumbar support, and multiple reclining positions can give your body the support and rest it needs. Whether it’s a chair for one or an entire family room, there are options for a healthy lifestyle that will fit into anyone’s home.”
–Holly Steffl, Larson’s Home Furnishings

Don’t leave toxic chemicals lingering on surfaces and in the air. Switch to an environmentally-friendly household cleaner for hard surfaces such as a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar.”
–Colleen Peyerl, Redwood Area Hospital

Displaying family photos can provide a sense of belonging and reminders of love. But layering them on every available surface just doesn’t do them justice and can create a chaotic effect. Instead, choose a few of your favorites and mount them in a grouping of similar framed photos. You can mix sizes as long as the frames are similar, example all gold or all silver.  That way you can create a small gallery of your most cherished memories on a single wall in a way that is cohesive and tasteful.”
–Carol Jacoby, Interior Accents by Carol

A good night’s rest is linked to enhanced work productivity, overall health, and weight concerns as well as improved mental health.  People underestimate the importance of what a mattress can provide to their well-being. If you are sleeping on a mattress that is more than 10 years old,  a new mattress is one of the best investments you can make in your home.”
–Emily Davis, A&W Furniture, Finds and Design

Consider making your bedroom a technology-free zone to improve your sleep. Remove screens and keep your cell in a different room or at least out of arm’s reach.”
–Colleen Peyerl, Redwood Area Hospital