Physical Therapy

Function at your personal best.

Our physical therapists work with you to build your strength, motion and ability. Whether your recovering from an injury, stroke, surgery or you’re addressing a disability that is limiting your body’s movement, we’re here to help.

Physical therapy can assist people of all ages with concerns or challenges in:

  • body mechanics
  • chronic pain
  • muscle strength.

Your physical therapy team will work with you to create an individualized care plan. From start to finish you receive care in a setting that works best for you. Physical Therapy can happen at the bedside in the hospital, through outpatient care or in your home. We want you to begin your road to recovery as soon as possible.

Our facilities include:

  • Private treatment rooms
  • Specialized equipment
  • Pediatric therapy room
  • Rehab services in the home (Redwood)
  • Education for self-care and ongoing independent living

Physical Therapy Team Members

CentraCare - Willmar Skylark Clinic

CentraCare - New London Clinic

CentraCare Rehabilitation Center

CentraCare - Redwood Hospital


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