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Your Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Finding the right source for your employee health services is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Carris Health Occupational Medicine is dedicated to the development of a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

We provide high-quality, competitively priced, comprehensive healthcare options for employers. Our team of healthcare professionals works with you to customize programs for your company's work environment and health promotion goals.


Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
    • Urine collections for federal and non-federal drug screens
    • PROFILE II drug screening
    • Breath alcohol and blood alcohol testing
  • Ergonomics/Safety
    • Coordinate ergonomic studies of work stations and recommend appropriate modifications/changes
  • Examinations
    • DOT exams
    • Pre-placement exams
    • Military exams
    • Respiratory exams
    • Asbestos exams
    • HazMat and other OSHA-required medical exams
    • Refugee exams
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
    • Provider education about latest hearing conservation regulations
    • OSHA-approved hearing tests provided at all Carris Health locations and onsite at businesses
  • Work Related Injuries

Workplace Wellness

We know that optimal health has an impact on both an individual and their contributions to the workplace. That’s why Carris Health is committed to helping you and your employees adopt a healthier lifestyle. We offer the following wellness services:

  • Onsite biometric testing
  • Health screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Additional services (hearing tests and vision screenings)
  • Health seminars

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For more information about Occupational Medicine services please email or call 320-231-5054.

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