Nutrition Counseling

We eat to nourish our body. But sometimes it’s not as simple as that.

We are here to help you manage your nutrition needs. This could include planning meals, taking medications, exercising, and coping with a different lifestyle.

Staff work with clients to set attainable nutrition goals based on their health needs. From digestive complications to obesity, nutritional counseling is an important step in achieving personal nutrition needs.

During nutrition counseling sessions a clinical dietitian will discuss eating behaviors, make recommendations on behavior changes that could be made, and encourage food and activity records.

Sessions are individualized based on referral to include lipid management, hypertension, weight loss, allergies or food sensitivities, and other specific nutrition concerns.

Nutrition Counseling may be addressed as a part of your care plan or by individual appointment.

Speech Therapists at CentraCare also provide a variety of therapies for swallowing difficulties or food aversions.

Nutrition Counseling Team Members

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