Dear Friends and Neighbors,

CentraCare and Carris Health care givers have been working around the clock for more than 20 months to care for you, your families and friends during COVID. We are committed to caring for every Minnesotan who needs us, and nothing will prevent us from doing so – even during these never-seen-before times.

The challenge of providing this level of care is that our hospital beds are often full. ERs in all of our hospitals are packed. And our clinical teams are exhausted. Early in the pandemic, our community stepped up in amazing ways to helps us. We ask that you again join us in fighting this pandemic together.

How can you help?

  • Please get your COVID vaccines and booster shots. They are proven safe and effective in reducing COVID illness, keeping people out of the hospital, and preventing death.
  • If your situation is not an emergency, please use other care options, including:
  • If this is a medical emergency, call 9-1-1, or visit the ER.

Together, we can do this. Thank you for your support.

Ken Holmen, MD
President and CEO

Welcome to Your Carris Health Medical Home

A health care home is an approach to health care in which primary health care physicians or advanced practice providers, families and patients work in partnership to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals with chronic health conditions and disabilities. It puts patients at the center of care decisions, whether they are seeking care for common, acute, or chronic conditions.

Carris Health has received the state's 'health care home' (also known as Medical Home) certification for all of their clinic locations. To become a certified health care home, primary health care physicians or advanced practice providers must meet a detailed set of standards and criteria. The idea is to develop relationships with patients and their families, improving communications to prevent serious, as well as costly, health problems from developing. Carris Health (ACMC) is also listed on the state's certified Health Care Home website at

How Can a Medical Home Help You?

  • With Carris Health, you'll build a relationship with a trusted primary health care physician or advanced practice provider who will lead your medical team and watch over your care to help you reach the best health possible.
  • They will be there to answer your calls and questions, remind you about check-ups and tests, and coordinate your care with specialists.
  • Your team will make certain that you receive the right care, when you need it.
  • We'll work together to develop a personal care plan to help you obtain the best possible health outcomes, including steps outside of your visits with us to improve your health.

How Do I Learn More About Patient-Centered Medical Home?

The following websites provide more detailed information about the Patient Centered Medical Home and its benefits to patients.

What Can You Do to Help with Your Medical Home?

  • Be an active team player
    • Speak up if you have questions or concerns. If you still don't understand, ask again. It's your body and you have a right to know.
    • Pay attention to the care you get. Make sure you get the right treatments and medicines by the right health care professional. Don't assume anything.
    • Educate yourself about your condition. Learn about the health care services you will get. Learn about your care plan.
    • Ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate (advisor or supporter).
    • Know what medications you take. Know why you take them. Medicine errors are the most common health care mistakes.
    • Use home care organization that has been carefully checked out.
    • Participate in all decisions about your treatment and the health care services you receive. You are the center of the health care team.
  • Take care of your health
    • Follow the personal care plan you and your team will work out together.
    • Set goals you can reach.
  • Talk openly with your team
    • If you feel your care plan is not working, or your having troubles, speak up. Tell your team what is not working so together you can make changes if needed.

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions you may benefit from medical home. We recommend you speak with your Carris Health primary health care physician or advanced practice practitioner.

  1. Have you been hospitalized in the past 6 months?
  2. Have you been seen in the Emergency Room in the past year? In the past 6 months?
  3. Do you receive oxygen, Home Care, or other services?
  4. Do you have any other health concerns today?

Contact us if you are interested in participating in a medical home partnership.

  • Carris Health - New London Clinic: 320-354-2222
  • Carris Health - Redwood Clinic: 507-637-2985
  • Carris Health – Willmar Clinic: 320-231-5000
  • Litchfield Clinics: 320-693-3233