Emergency Services at Rice Memorial

The Emergency department at Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital is open 24 hours every day and staffed by a physician. Parking is available near the ER entrance on Becker Ave. If a driver needs assistance getting a passenger out of a vehicle, they should use the ER walk-in entrance and inform staff.

Parking is available near the ER entrance on Becker Ave, with a drive-in area available for emergencies on the east side of the hospital off Second Street.

Sexual Assault Services

Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital is a member of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program. Our nurses are trained to provide assistance for victims of rape and sexual assault through our Emergency department. We meet with victims and their families to help them cope with the trauma and to complete the forensic exam.

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Featured Patient Story

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An A-typical Morning Maria Perry had just brewed her morning coffee on Thursday, March 24, when her right arm began shaking violently as she lifted the pot. She had steadied herself enough to put the pot back on the counter when her right leg suddenly collapsed. “After my leg gave out, I was pretty sure things were not okay. I wondered if I was having a stroke, but I’m only 47 years old,” said Perry, who works in customer service ...
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