Giving Birth at CentraCare Redwood Hospital

Focusing on Safety and Comfort for You and Your New Baby

We know that safety and comfort are most important for moms. You’ll find comfortable options in our birthing suites that range from a soak in a whirlpool tub to a variety of pain management options, including epidural, to ease labor and delivery. Your physician will help you plan the birthing experience you want and will be there to provide additional medical support for the safety of you and your baby.

Planning For Your Baby

Preparing for the arrival of your baby will make your experience better and more enjoyable.

We encourage you to:

  • Attend a childbirth preparation class during your second trimester to learn about labor and delivery routines, newborn and post-partum care, and breastfeeding
    Current in-person pregnancy and childbirth preparation classes have been canceled until further notice. In effort to prepare you for delivery in the comfort and safety of your home, you have two online options:
    Bravo Baby: Labor & Newborn Series - Live Online Video Class
    Understanding Birth - online course (complete on your own schedule)
    Don't hesitate to ask your doctor any further questions that you may have about birthing options.
  • Schedule an appointment with Redwood County Public Health or Lower Sioux Police Department to ensure your car seat is installed properly (required for when you leave the hospital with your new baby)

During Labor and Delivery

To ensure the smoothest admission possible, we encourage you to give us a courtesy call, letting us know that you are on your way. When you arrive, please go to the emergency entrance.

During labor and delivery, several pain relief options are available to you, including epidurals and intravenous pain medications as well as natural pain relief aids like whirlpool tubs and birthing balls.

Maternity Stay

Once your baby arrives, he or she can stay with the mom in their suite for the remainder of the stay. Each suite has a sleeping space for dad (or birth partner), family friendly visiting space and WiFi so you easily can share your baby’s first photos. As a protection for the baby, we ask family members and other visitors to wash their hands.

We have room amenities that make your experience more comfortable. Each suite includes a whirlpool tub for relaxing after the birth of your baby. A fold-out sleeper chair accommodates a dad, labor coach or other partner who wishes to stay with you.

Dinner for Two

We’ll help you celebrate your new arrival with a relaxing dinner for two. The nurse will assist you in making arrangements for this “date” and special time together. If the father cannot attend, you may enjoy this special meal with a family member.

Going Home


Typically you will be discharged on the second day after birth for a vaginal delivery and on the third day after birth for a c-section. You may choose to leave earlier if you feel ready.

Free Home Visit

Our concern for your health doesn’t stop when you leave the hospital. A registered nurse is available to come to your home for a free check-up. This includes a physical assessment of the baby, a medical evaluation of the mom, and an opportunity to discuss questions about your recovery and caring for your new baby.

If you’d like to schedule a tour or learn more, contact the CentraCare - Redwood Hospital Education Department at 507-637-4527.

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