Tim Nesburg’s stroke experience

““I could not have done it without them!” Tim added in a later conversation with Carris Health - Redwood Hospital.”

The morning of November 6, 2015, is a day Tim and Amy Nesburg are never going to forget. That day Tim had a severe stroke. Within moments of making the emergency call, personnel were at the Nesburg’s Morton home, and they were on their way to Carris Health Redwood.

Nesburg said so many people helped that day doing exactly what they needed to, and it is that quick response that is part of the reason Nesburg is able to walk and talk and in other ways function.

While at the hospital, technology allowed for the neurologist at North Memorial Medical Center to assess Nesburg’s situation and soon after he was airlifted by North Air Care to Robbinsdale. Nesburg spent a week and a half at North Memorial doing therapy, and when he was released he was already walking and talking.

He was finally able to return home in early December, and since then he has been receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy at the local hospital.