Carris Health - Redwood Hospital Patient Portals

MyHealth Patient Portal

MyHealth online patient portal is a tool that goes a step beyond simply displaying information by helping you manage your healthcare easily and securely.

With MyHealth you can:

  • Receive test results
  • Request and cancel appointments
  • Preregister for appointments
  • Pay bills online
  • Manage the health of your children under 13
  • Manage the health of your child 13 or older or another adult you care for with proxy access.
  • Download and transmit your continuity of care document

Sign up today! Simply click the gold button at the top of the page to complete the online registration request. To do this you will need a valid email address that is on file at Redwood Area Hospital and your medical record number. You can also sign up in person at the hospital by asking a hospital staff member to activate your MyHealth account.

MyHealth patient portal is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers or Internet Explorer 8 or lower.

Managing your child’s or another adult’s health care
Parents can sign up to your child’s health portal until they are 13 years old. After a child turns 13, the parent and child must sign a proxy form through which the child agrees to let their parent view their health information.

You can also manage another adult’s health information, such as an aging family member or other adult that has named you their healthcare proxy, through your MyHealth portal by filling out a Proxy Access Request form. This form requires consent from you and the patient and must returned in person or notarized if mailed. Click here to download the Proxy Access Request Form.