Ways to Give

Giving Options

Join together

Just like in the days of barn raisings, neighbors today know how to get things done for the good of their community. One person cannot easily raise a barn alone, but one person with many neighbors can make countless things possible.

When we join our resources together we can have the most advanced medical technologies right here in your community – close to home – in a familiar and healing environment with staff who are the most knowledgeable and best able to perform the care we need.

Each year, thousands of loved ones, friends and neighbors share the gift of wellness by making contributions to Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital and Carris Health - Redwood through Carris Health Foundation.

Philanthropy plays a critical role in the advancement of healthcare in your community, as the demand for dollars to support hospital programs and services continues to grow. Gifts to Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital and Carris Health - Redwood have a direct impact on the communities we serve, improving the health and well-being of the thousands of patients and families each year.

We view your support as a generous display of trust and confidence. We pledge to honor your rights as a donor, ensuring that all contributions are used to their maximum potential for the purposes intended. As a donor to Carris Health Foundation, you have the knowledge that your gift is making a difference.

Some choose to support established programs, others fund needs that would otherwise not be provided, and others donate a general gift to meet areas of greatest need.

How to carry on the tradition of giving

What types of gifts are accepted?

  • Direct Gifts - Direct gifts make an immediate impact on health and wellness care in your community, and include:
    • Cash and/or stocks
    • Real estate and/or personal property
    • Matching gifts from employers
  • Tribute Gifts - Tribute gifts are donations given in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special person or occasion.
  • Planned Giving - Planned giving is the generous act of including the Foundation in your estate plan. It can be as simple as leaving a cash gift in your will, or naming Carris Health as a beneficiary in a Life Insurance, Annuity, or Retirement Plan. With the right gift plan, you can leave your legacy, protect your assets, and provide for healthy tomorrows. Learn more.

How are gifts to the Foundation recognized?

Our recognition wall is one of the ways we publicly say thank you. Within this display, there are opportunities for individuals and organizations to be honored in the following ways:

  • Tradition of Caring – gifts totaling $5,000 or more during a lifetime are honored here.
  • Making a Difference – annual gifts totaling $500 or more are honored here.
  • Thoughtful Giving – this display lists the people who have been remembered with tribute gifts totaling $500 or more in the previous year.
  • Employee Giving - Recognize employee gifts at various levels, including 15/30/60 minutes. Click here to view the 2021 employee donor list.

Annual Report

  • Tributes – All tribute gifts given in memory of a loved one who has passed away in the previous year are recognized in the Annual Report. Your loved one’s name is listed as a tribute to family and friends who made gifts to a Foundation fund or endowment in their memory.
  • Personal Gifts – All gifts, regardless of amount, are recognized in the Annual Report. Click here to read our Annual Report.