Frequently Asked Questions

What services will be moving?

Services currently offered at Carris Health - Redwood Hospital and Carris Health – Redwood Clinic will be moving to the new campus with the exception of Carris Health - Redwood Eye Care, Pavilion (home care, hospice and adult day services) and Seasons House, which will remain at their current locations.

When and where should I seek care?

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on February 20, all emergency room and OB patients should seek services at the new campus. Clinic and Outpatient appointments will begin at the new campus on February 22.

Will the phone numbers change?

Hospital and clinic phone numbers as well as department phone numbers will remain the same.

Individual office extensions will change, so if you are struggling to reach an individual, please call 507-637-4500 to have your call transferred to the person you are trying to reach.

What happens with patients who are in the hospital during the move?

Current hospitalized patients will be moved to the new facility on February 20 by ambulance.

What will be located in the old clinic building?

Carris Health – Redwood will continue to use the clinic building, which is being renamed the Broadway Building. Carris Health Eye Center will remain in the Broadway Building and administrative offices, such as Communications and Foundation, will be located in this building.

What will happen to the old hospital building?

The City of Redwood Falls owns the hospital building. Learn more about their plans for the building after we have vacated the building at: