Student/Resident Rotations: MD, DO, DPM, PA, CNM, APP/APRN/DNP, CRNA & GC Programs

If you are a student needing preprogram clinical experience, are in a residency program, a student looking to complete clinical rotations or if you are a student enrolled in a MD, DO, DPM, CNM, APP/APRN/DNP, CRNA or GC program and are interested in a rotation experience at a Carris Health location, please carefully review and complete each of the following sections.

Please note that all requests for rotations must go through a student coordinator with Carris Health. Solicitation of providers is prohibited.

All Carris Health staff, clinicians, volunteers, contract workers and students are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. A religious and medical exemption application are available upon request.

Applicant Instructions

Step 1:

Please complete the online application.

Step 2:

A coordinator with Carris Health will reach out to you to begin exploring the possibility of a clinical experience with Carris Health.

Step 3:

Submit all the required documentation specified on the “Student and Resident Requirements” document. To ensure all requirements are provided and accounted for please label your attachments last name, first name, and name of document when attaching to your email.

Once your program representative has received your application in entirety and all necessary documentation your schedule will be provided.


Applicant and Program Representative, please review.

  1. Carris Health has elected to focus on those programs with a campus component or hybrid format (online plus on campus) and will not be partnering with solely online programs or providing rotations to students who enroll in exclusively online programs. In addition, Carris Health has elected to focus on students from the local community first and then provide opportunities to those outside the local community when available. For further information or clarification, please inquire with your Carris Health Coordinator.
  2. Rotation requests from APP applicants who are not currently employed by Carris Health will be considered starting 3-4 months prior to the requested start date.
  3. All application materials must be received by the Carris Health Coordinator at least 4-6 weeks prior to the students start date.
  4. Submission of required application and documentation material does not mean a rotation has been approved.
  5. Applications with missing documentation will not be considered.
  6. Please allow up to three weeks to receive a response pertaining to rotation availability.
  7. If a requested rotation is no longer needed, the Carris Health Coordinator must be immediately notified.

Additional Requirements

Applicant and Program Representative, Please Review.

Prior to the start of an approved rotation with Carris Health, the following information must be completed and/or on file with the Carris Health Coordinator.

  1. Current Affiliation Agreement between the school/program and Carris Health.
  2. After all paperwork has been received and a rotation has been approved, mandatory online education/orientation modules must be completed. The Carris Health Coordinator will provide the applicant with a User ID and password, and the modules can be completed off site. Education/orientation must be completed before the start of the rotation and may take 2-4 hours to complete.
  3. Those completing a rotation of four weeks or longer will participate in Epic training which may take between 2-4 hours.