Our Purpose

The vision we hold for all of us is to live a healthy life. As a provider of care, an employer to many, a Foundation and community partner, we will encourage health, vitality, and well-being. And because there is a need for healing in every life, at the heart of CentraCare is a commitment to every person and family we serve:

We’re here for your whole life. To serve and heal, to guide and care.

Our roots began the many doctors, nurses and civic leaders of this region who also founded clinics and local hospitals to help their neighbors. Then as now, our mission is to serve, providing expert care that is close to home.

As a public trust, our shareholders are the people who live in the communities we all call home. We measure our success in terms of their health and the lives they lead that enrich us all.

We value:

Health and Well-Being

Within CentraCare, we hold remarkable knowledge and skill to share generously so that people in our communities can live the healthiest lives possible.


Whether for the purpose of diagnosis or to provide comfort, the nature of our work begins with understanding—and understanding starts with listening.

Expert Care and Collaboration

Our expertise is strengthened through collaboration— with one another in our teams and with those whom we serve.

Human Dignity

We will always treat people with kindness, respect, and acceptance. Healing touches mind, body, and spirit.

Smart Stewardship

To meet the demands of our mission, we must be fiscally responsible and continuously improve our operation.

Community and Relationships

We have served the people of this region for generations and will serve the generations to come.