Welcoming a baby during covid-19 at Carris Health – Redwood Hospital

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Author: Staff

Emily Evans of Wanda, Minnesota, recently delivered her second baby, a baby boy, Eli, welcomed home by big sister Eleanor. Eli was delivered on April 6, weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces and measuring 21 inches in long.

Emily shared her experience with us to help other new moms understand what to expect delivering during the coronavirus pandemic.

How were your OB appointments leading up to your delivery?

As I entered the last few weeks of my pregnancy, the Redwood Clinic did a great job of protecting my health. They scheduled my appointments early in the morning, screened me and other patients for covid symptoms at the clinic entrance, and took me to a patient room very quickly. I never worried about going to my clinic visits. All of my weekly clinic OB appointments were held as they normally would be in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

**If you are in the earlier stages of your pregnancy and do not have complications to manage, your doctor may suggest decreasing in-person visits or holding some visits by video.

Were you concerned about COVID-19 during your pregnancy?

I am a pretty calm person, so I didn’t worry about it too much, but I also did my best to protect myself and my family. I was told my doctor and the other providers at the Redwood clinic are working alternating weeks to limit exposure, so I was thankful when Dr. Danielson explained he would be there for my delivery. You may see a different provider for a prenatal visit, but each of the providers is planning to deliver their patients’ babies regardless of their clinic schedule.

**According to the CDC, COVID-19 has not been detected in amniotic fluid or breast milk. After a baby is born the baby can catch the virus from person-to-person spread like anyone else.

Did your delivery plan change at all due to COVID-19?

No, my delivery went as planned. The only real difference was that I wasn’t allowed to walk around the hospital. We stayed in the birthing area and mostly in our room.

Were you concerned about coming into the hospital for the delivery?

I never worried about being exposed to covid during my time at the hospital. We were screened at the door to make sure we didn’t have symptoms. The nurses explained that all hospital staff members were also screened daily and everyone we encountered wore a mask.

How did the hospital visitor restrictions affect you?

My husband was with me and the hospital provided him with meals so he didn’t need to leave the building throughout the day. He was still allowed to go home at night. Our daughter and extended family members were not able to come to the hospital to meet Eli, but we celebrated his arrival with them over Facetime. Our time at the hospital was a few quiet days to spend bonding with Eli and resting before heading home to adjust to life with a newborn and a toddler.

Are there any other changes that will affect you after returning home?

Our follow-up visits are a little different than they were with my first baby. We did not return to the hospital for any weight or bilirubin checks. We both had video visits with Dr. Danielson a few days after going home and have been keeping in touch via MyChart.

For the most part life is what you would expect with a newborn. We are not having visitors over to meet Eli right now, but we are making the best of this time as a new family of four.

Special thanks to Emily Evans for sharing her obstetrics and delivery experience with us and congratulations on the new addition to their family.

** OB processes could change throughout this pandemic as we strive to create the safest environment for mom and baby. Our community has done an excellent job of social distancing and it seems to be working right now. We have been able to continue routine OB care with minimal interruption.

That said, we have plans in place to continue to safely provide OB care even when we have a higher number of COVID-19 cases in our community