Carris Health – Rice Memorial Hospital Celebrates 500th Robotic Surgery Procedure

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As a leader in advanced surgical technologies, Carris Health – Rice Memorial Hospital reached a milestone today when OB/GYN surgeon, Jennifer Boni (Lee-Pentz), MD completed the hospital’s 500th surgery using the da Vinci Robot surgical system.

The da Vinci® Surgical System enables surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through a few small incisions. Carris Health – Rice Memorial Hospital performed its first surgery with the da Vinci robot in July 2015.

Benefits experienced by surgeons using the robotic technology over traditional surgical approaches are greater surgical precision, improved agility, enhanced visualization, increased range of motion of the instruments and improved access to the surgical site.

“Robotic surgery allows our surgeons to perform a controlled minimally invasive procedure with a detailed 3-D view, reducing the patient’s hospital stay and recovery time while optimizing the surgeon’s work environment,” said Kris Lingle, Director Perioperative Services and Imaging Nursing at Rice Hospital. “It’s exciting to know we’re offering patients this advanced surgical technology and they’re experiencing the benefits of minimally invasive surgery when they come to Carris Health.”

Currently, the robot is used for Gynecological and General Surgery procedures. Lee-Pentz is one of three surgeons currently performing procedures with the da Vinci Robot surgical system at Carris Health – Rice Memorial Hospital and is pictured with General & Robotic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Lange. As a health system subsidiary, Carris Health is looking forward to partnering with CentraCare in the future to add additional Robotic Surgery service lines, such as Urology.