Rice receives new MRI magnet technology

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Author: Staff

Rice’s new GE MR450w MRI, that arrived on August 23, is operational.

The new MRI has many advancements over the previous scanner for improved imaging for physicians and patients.

The Optima MR450w with GEM Suite continues the emphasis on patient comfort without compromising quality or capabilities. It combines the benefits of wide-bore imaging with GEM (Geometry Embracing Method), incorporating an approach to MR imaging that reflects the importance of conforming the geometry of the equipment and technology to that of the patients.

  • The wider and shorter bore of the magnet make it more comfortable for patients during the scan, and includes acoustic reduction technology to reduce noise of the magnet for brain, spine and other exams without compromising image quality.
  • The table is more robust which allows for a much higher weight limit.
  • The software on the scanner is far more advanced, allowing for better images and reduced scan time.

The MRI imaging suite received a facelift with new finishes throughout; including the repair of the copper shielding to prevent outside radio signals from undermining image quality.

Rice is excited to be providing the latest imaging technology to our patients.