Family Medicine Physician Dr. Dave Danielson: Why He Loves the Redwood Falls Community He Cares For

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From delivering babies to raising his own children, Dr. David Danielson appreciates the sense of family that Redwood Falls has to offer. As a Family Medicine physician at ACMC, Dr. Danielson embraces the opportunity to make a difference in his community and an impact on the patients that he serves. “It has been a joy over the last three years to get to know my neighbors and my patients, and find who they are and where they are from,” Dr. Danielson said. “In that way I get to know the community.”

Choosing a Home

Rural medicine was always an interest for Dr. Danielson but it wasn’t until participating in the Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP) through the University of Minnesota, that he was certain. In his third year of medical school he was placed in the ACMC-Redwood Falls clinic under the preceptorship of current colleagues Dr. Greg McCallum and Dr. Alan Olson.

During RPAP, Dr. Danielson benefitted from the responsibilities he took on as a learning physician, including regular visits with a small group of patients. “It was such a positive experience,” Dr. Danielson said. “I got to participate in so many facets of medical care and really in a lot of ways became a part of the community.”

It was during his rotations that Dr. Danielson decided ACMC-Redwood Falls was where he would call home. “When you participate in RPAP you pick a number of sites, Redwood Falls was on my list but it was actually not my first choice,” Dr. Danielson joked. “My wife and I like to reflect on that and think it is sort of serendipitous because when we finished here, we had such a good experience that of course we decided we would come back.”

Building a Practice

In his three years with ACMC, Dr. Danielson has developed a practice that spans many levels of family medicine including inpatient, outpatient and obstetrics (OB) care. “The great part about practicing medicine in a group like ACMC is that we can tailor our practice, and do what we like to do,” he said. “So I have been very fortunate to develop a diverse practice from young, healthy individuals to older adults that are more complicated, which makes it interesting.”

Dr. Danielson is especially fond of the time he spends in OB bringing new life into the world. He enjoys seeing the babies at church and throughout the community, “it’s just a joy to be able to watch them grow up and see their parents enjoy them as I do my children.”

There are several benefits Dr. Danielson has found in rural medicine that motivates him in his work at ACMC. At the top of his list is the flexibility he receives to do the things he loves as a provider, helping him to become a vital part of the Redwood Falls community. “You can have a dynamic practice and see lots of different people,” Dr. Danielson said. “They really are excited that you are there and at the end of the day, that is what makes me happy.”

Life in Southwest Minnesota

Growing up in Fairfax, Minn., Dr. Danielson knew he wanted to raise his family close to home. With that, he sought to find a location that offered both the support of his family and the people within the community. “People in a small town really appreciate their physicians and they really want you to be happy, they are thankful you are here,” he said.
Dr. Danielson and his wife enjoy raising their three children in the Redwood Falls community. They spend time hiking in the local parks and going to the indoor playground at the community center. Dr. Danielson is also an avid mountain biker who takes advantage of the vast county parks.

Whether it’s lending a hand or a piece of advice, Dr. Danielson appreciates how the community of Redwood Falls has welcomed his family with open arms.