Dr. Jayme Van Beek: DMU Medical Student to ACMC Family Medicine Physician

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Author: Staff

Dr. Jayme Van Beek has always loved being hands-on in whatever he was doing. It came in handy around the farm he grew up on in Iowa. Being hands-on was also what drew him to cars; in fact, he very briefly considered going into a career in autobody. Though he still loves cars, the path he chose led him down a different road to another very hands-on career.

The Road to Family Medicine

After high school he packed his bags and headed off to Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. Then came medical school at Des Moines University (DMU). That’s where Dr. Van Beek first heard of Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC).

Spending his third and fourth years of medical school at ACMC between 2009 and 2011, Dr. Van Beek was the first medical student from DMU to come to ACMC. Medical students at ACMC work with a variety of providers to learn in areas of medicine that interest them.  Dr. Van Beek spent two months in New London-Spicer with family medicine physician Dr. Richard Wehseler and another two with Dr. Robert Boyd in internal medicine in Willmar. The rest of his time here spent rotating through different specialties at ACMC.

After two years with ACMC, he knew it was the type of place where he was interested in starting his first practice. Flash forward three years, and now he’s back at ACMC as one of the newest family medicine physicians.

“As a medical student my experience here was invaluable. I received a better education in that time than my fellow students who spent their rotations at larger facilities. Everyone treated me with so much respect, and that’s carried through today. It was so comfortable coming back to ACMC, this time as a doctor,” Dr. Van Beek said.

He adds, “Although it’s a large enough community, I also love that Willmar feels like a small community, where you can really get to know your patients and have relationships with them. I can’t wait until I’ve been here long enough that I’ve had time to establish those long-term relationships with my patients.”

Part of the reason ACMC in Willmar was so appealing to him was that he, his wife and their two kids—Titus and Alexis—have family in the Willmar area. His wife grew up in Prinsburg, which is about 20 miles away.

“We’re settling in, but it was a really easy transition. When I was here as a medical student, we got to know a lot of people at ACMC, including my fellow doctors. I already had established relationships with many people who taught me along the way,” Dr. Van Beek said. “Now, I’m working side by side with some of the doctors who helped train me.  I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.”