A Change of Pace: Dr. Dexter Casta’s Internal Medicine Practice in Litchfield

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Growing up in the Philippines near Manila, Dr. Dexter Casta never imagined he’d be living in Litchfield, Minn. He didn’t really know where he’d end up. But he was sure of one thing. He knew one day he wanted to be a doctor.  As he settles into his role as the new internal medicine physician in town, Dr. Casta is enjoying getting to know the community. He really likes living the slower-paced life Litchfield offers.

“I remember all too well what it was like to be a busy medical student and resident.  It was always go, go, go. It’s nice to be able to kick back and relax a little. I was ready for a practice in a smaller community. After my residency at Western Reserve Care System in Ohio, I joined a practice in Casper, Wyo., which is similar to the kind of practice I’ll have here,” Dr. Casta said.

“It also prepared me for a Minnesota winter,” he adds with a smile. “I’ve always thought if you’re happy with your job, you’ll deal with the weather.”

He certainly loves being an internal medicine physician. And Dr. Casta is looking forward to being an internist in Litchfield.

Setting up an Internal Medicine Practice in Litchfield, Minn.

“Every doctor says it, but it’s one of the main reasons we go into this profession. We love helping people. It’s so rewarding to help a patient fix a medical problem they’ve been dealing with so that they can live a better, healthier life,” he said.

Dr. Casta enjoys the broad spectrum of medicine he practices. A cardiologist cares for your heart, a pulmonologist for your lungs, but an internist treats a patient for their overall health and well-being. Each patient he sees is different, but Dr. Casta isn’t just treating you for your arthritis or asthma, he’s treating you for your overall health.

“One of the things I like most about being an internist is that I get to see such a wide range of patients with different medical needs. I enjoy internal medicine as a whole, but I particularly enjoying caring for nephrology, pulmonary and cardiology patients,” he said.

As for his life outside of the clinic, Dr. Casta loves the small-town charm of Litchfield.

“I haven’t had much time to explore the community yet, but it’s such a charming town. I’ve known that from my very first visit,” Dr. Casta said. “You don’t find this kind of community in a city, and at the same time you don’t have to go far to find the amenities a large city offers. It’s the perfect balance for me.”

As Dr. Casta finds his way in Litchfield, he’s happy to be caring for his community.

“Who’d have thought a kid from the Philippines would one day grow up to be a doctor in Litchfield, Minn.? Not me, but I’m glad to be here,” Dr. Casta said. “It’s just the kind of place I’ve always imagined setting up a practice.”