Dr. Joshua Friese: Back to His Roots: Rural Lifestyle in Redwood Falls

Published in Medical Professionals

Dr. Joshua Friese was used to the small town life. He grew up on a farm in Russell, Minnesota: population 338. Then he went off to school first in the Twin Cities, then to medical school in Portsmouth, Dominica, at the Ross University School of Medicine, and finally residency at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and Methodist Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois. But he always knew that one day he’d return to his roots—if not near Russell, somewhere he could live the rural lifestyle he loved.

After his residency, Dr. Friese and his wife went on, what he likes to call, the interview trail. It was their intent to find a rural town, where he could set up his practice.

“My wife is a city girl, and when we were driving out of one of the small towns we interviewed in, she turned to me and said ‘I can’t do it. It doesn’t even have a Walmart.’ At that point I knew we were looking for a town that not only offered the chance to practice in a rural area, but offered certain amenities as well,” he said.

After interviewing at ACMC in Redwood Falls, it just fit. All of a sudden everything made sense.

The barn on the Friese “hobby lot” was built mostly by Dr. Friese himself.


Making Redwood Falls Home

“It was the type of community I could see us raising our family in,” said Dr. Friese. “It even had a Walmart for my wife,” he said laughingly.

Dr. Friese has embraced living on the outskirts of Redwood Falls with his “hobby lot,” where he and his family—they have four kids between the ages of 6 and 13—make the most of their six-and-a-half acres. Their hobby lot wouldn’t be complete without a creek, sledding hill, large garden, barn (which he built mostly by himself), mobile chicken coop with six chickens, zip line for his kids and honeybees for his wife. Add in cats, dogs and their beloved pet cow—and future dinner—named “Sir Loin.”

“I like that in Redwood Falls we have the option of space. Even those who choose to live in town have access to parks and Ramsey Falls. You also have the opportunity to really get involved in the community and surrounding towns. It may be a small town, but Redwood Falls has a lot going on. There’s something for everyone—from local sports and activities for the family to the arts and everything in between. It’s a family-oriented, friendly community that cares about one another.”

Practicing Medicine in a Small Town

“Practicing medicine, like many other things, is what you make of it. Working at ACMC gives you the opportunity to push yourself to be the best you can, but it also allows a certain flexibility you might not find at a larger facility—the chance to make the most of your life outside of the office,” Dr. Friese said.

Dr. Friese is excited for the future of ACMC in Redwood Falls, especially with the addition of a new CEO to the Redwood Falls Hospital. “We have a great working relationship with the Redwood Falls Hospital, and everyone is so excited about the new CEO and what it will mean for Redwood and healthcare in the community.”

“I came to ACMC-Redwood Falls about nine years ago, and it was the right choice for me and my family. What’s kept us here boils down to one word: quality. And that applies not only to a clinic system I’m proud to work for, but a community I’m proud to call home. Life in Redwood Falls is really what you make of it. And I love that I can raise my family in community like this one.”