Meet Dr. Ryan Davis, ACMC-Willmar Family Medicine

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Author: Staff

Dr. Ryan Davis first became interested in medicine in high school—interested enough that he shadowed his hometown physician in a small town in Montana to see what practicing medicine was all about. His excitement for the field grew from there.

While his hometown family medicine provider gave him a taste of the medical field, it wasn’t until his rotations in family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery and sports medicine rotations, that he knew family medicine was the specialty for him; being a family medicine provider offers a wide variety of care for patients, wrapping his interest in a number of fields into one specialty.

Dr. Davis and his family—he and his wife have two young boys—enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. They enjoy everything from playing a pick-up game of basketball to spending a weekend at the lake, kayaking and swimming. Dr. Davis and his wife are excited for all the community has to offer.

Dr. Davis and his family are excited to make ACMC and the Willmar community their home.

In this video Dr. Davis talks about his journey into the medical field.