Insulin: The Fuel Line for Your Body

Published in Wellness, Diabetes Care

Where does your car go when it’s out of gas?  You might get down the block on fumes, but you won’t go very far.  Your body works the same way.

In your car fuel is stored in the gas tank, but without a fuel line to get the gas to the engine it won’t help you get to where you want to go.  In your body, think of insulin as being like a fuel line.  All of your cells require fuel (glucose) and insulin is what lets the fuel into the cells.

Type II Diabetes is a chronic disease that develops because of a resistance to insulin (the fuel line is failing).  When this occurs, the glucose in the blood can’t get into the cells where it is needed and the body may be in danger of running out of fuel; the supply is there in the blood but it has no way to get into the cells.

Is your fuel line working properly?  Make sure to find out at your next check-up.  If you have any questions or concerns about diabetes, please contact your healthcare provider or the Willmar Diabetes Center.